Steven Tye Culbert

Steven Tye Culbert possesses the blood, fury, and faith of cave painters.  He is influenced by the past and the future. One supports, the other compels. Culbert is known for working in an outdoor studio, allowing certain elements to organically influence, and sometimes even take part in, his pieces. For Culbert, each piece has a singular evolution, expressions and abstractions from memory otherwise only existing in the ether of his mind, between reality and surreality. Forms and brushstrokes move whimsically throughout Culbert's pieces, rarely producing a hard line or right angle.

Culbert feels he must create his pieces to bring the sensory experiences out of the shadows of his mind and into the light of perpetuating existence, the push of past versus the pull of future bringing about the effect for those who cross its path or meet at its divergence: the present.