Rodolfo Choperena

Rodolfo Choperena’s work is abstracted photography–representational, yet complicated–by the obscuring and absenting of the subject. By inducing movement and manually manipulating light sources, he provokes a figurative tableau into transforming into abstraction. Every shot and every video is the evidence of a performance with the acts of montage and manipulation performed in camera.

Movement is the primary performative act. By maneuvering the camera’s placement, aperture and exposure settings in relation to color fields, landscapes, light sources, precipitation and seascapes, his work pushes the boundaries of perception, creating organic, lyrical free forms. The resultant images retain their pure chroma. Each is the reinterpretation of the original subject with striations that shift in varying intervals and rhythms, alternately compressing and expanding positive and negative space. However obscured each composition may be, a firm representational vantage point remains host to personal objects and scenario manipulations, making each image a direct reflection of his ever-changing environment.