John Peralta

John A. Peralta is a native of New Mexico, and now lives and works in Austin, Texas. His perspective on life and art comes from his unusual upbringing and his broad exposure to the world. From his mid‐teens through his mid‐twenties he lived in communes where he developed practical self‐reliance and a love for the natural world. He then spent more than twenty years living abroad and traveling throughout East Asia, India, Africa, the South Pacific islands, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

Although he demonstrated exceptional artistic talent from an early age, he received no formal training as an artist. It wasn’t until his late thirties that he found his artistic voice. His artistic interests are in contrasts, motion, mechanics, space, time, and the use of bold colors.

“One doesn’t need special esoteric insight to make art or to appreciate it. Art speaks to each of us differently and sometimes not at all. People say I must have great patience to do what I do, but I don’t. I do find it challenging and interesting. It’s also very calming, and that’s the feeling I would like the viewer to take from my work.”